Do I Need an Agent? Things to Consider in a Changing Publishing World


By Lindsay Bandy


One of the most important questions writers have when thinking about submissions is: Do I need an agent? It’s a question individual writers ultimately have to answer for themselves, but here are some considerations to get you on the right track. Seasoned writers, please add your wisdom in the comment section! Beginners, feel free to ask questions!

Let’s see what the SCBWI’s The Book has to say:

“Many successful children’s writers and illustrators do not have agents, preferring to control all aspects of their careers. And most editors will tell you that children’s books, unlike adult books, is one area where manuscripts are read whether agented or not.”

This is encouraging, isn’t it? And the good news is, if you do sell your work to an editor without an agent and then become overwhelmed or tired of the “business,” you can acquire an agent to help you…

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