Five For A Little One

Five For a Little One

Five For A Little One by Chris Raschka

There is so much to adore in this artsy little book: Cool, minimalist illustrations, stellar, poetic text full of internal rhyme, alliteration, and surprising word choice. As the little bunny learns about  the amazing possibilities of each of his senses, he finds at the end that there are “Five senses–just enough–to know the love we (Mommy and Daddy Bunny) have for you.”  Artsy, cool, AND sweet!

Teaching Tips: Great for very young readers as they learn about how their body parts work. My two-year-old loves touching her eyes, nose, etc. and talking about how things might feel (feathers are soft). It’s a great conversation starter for little ones! Older readers will love the word choice and expand their vocabulary with words like noble, blessing, scent, and granite, just to name a few.


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