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Five For A Little One

Five For a Little One

Five For A Little One by Chris Raschka

There is so much to adore in this artsy little book: Cool, minimalist illustrations, stellar, poetic text full of internal rhyme, alliteration, and surprising word choice. As the little bunny learns about¬† the amazing possibilities of each of his senses, he finds at the end that there are “Five senses–just enough–to know the love we (Mommy and Daddy Bunny) have for you.” ¬†Artsy, cool, AND sweet!

Teaching Tips: Great for very young readers as they learn about how their body parts work. My two-year-old loves touching her eyes, nose, etc. and talking about how things might feel (feathers are soft). It’s a great conversation starter for little ones! Older readers will love the word choice and expand their vocabulary with words like noble, blessing, scent, and granite, just to name a few.