Kenneth Kraegel

King Arthur’s Very Great Grandson by Kenneth Kraegel


On the morning of his sixth birthday, Henry Alfred Grummorson eats a very large breakfast, mounts his trusty donkey, Knuckles, and sets out to find adventure. What does he desire? A fight to the uttermost, swordplay with a formidable beast who’ll have ado with him, strength against strength, might against might. But what does he find? A Dragon who blows smoke rings, a Cyclops with one eye perfect for a staring contest, a grim Griffin who pulls out a chess board, and a Leviathan anxious to play games in the roiling sea! He doesn’t end up finding the danger he seeks, but he does find something even better…friendship.

Hilariously verbose and impeccably illustrated, this book will please boys and girls alike with its perfect balance of danger and fun. I have two very sensitive girls (they can’t handle Disney movies yet), and they adore this book, because the terrible beasts turn out to be wonderfully friendly. ┬áBut don’t worry, adventurous little boys and girls, like Henry himself, with not be dismayed. Win!